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9 Inevitable Betrayal

This episode is dedicated to two fantastic fans who had incredible questions, both about one of my favorite game mechanics: Betrayal! Here is a rundown on Inevitable Betrayal and the problems of Reputation.

7 Kingmaking & Munchkin

You know that feeling when you win a game because everyone else lets you win? That’s because they all Made you a King. Kingmaking is an interesting game theory problem and Munchkin is the best example there is!

6 What is This?

Before trick-or-treating on Halloween, I decided to answer some of the basic questions about what Atomic Game Theory is all about. This is the origin story, folks! Enjoy!

5 Probability & Roll for the Galaxy

Roll for the Galaxy is an outstanding combination of an all-time favorite, Race for the Galaxy, and the ridiculous fun of dice games. We dig deep into probability theory in this excellent game!

3 Utility Theory & Lords of Waterdeep

Let’s break down Utility Theory! I mean, it’s just the cornerstone of game theory and the basis of every analytical decision we ever make. No big deal. Plus we talk about Lords of Waterdeep!