Timeline is a game all about putting a series of historical events in order. Each player has four cards in their starting hand, and each card is placed faceup on the table in front of them. On the back of each card, hidden from the players, is the year the event took place. Players take turns picking one of their cards and moving it into the timeline in front of them. Once set, the card is flipped over. If the card is in the right place, it gets added to the timeline. If not, the player draws a new card for a future round.

As the game progresses, the Timeline gets longer and more congested, meaning it's harder to place cards in the correct spots. However, with either a background in history, or luck and a lot of educated guesses, victory can be yours.

Timeline is a great game to play with new gamers, especially those who already love games like Trivial Pursuit. There's a little bit of strategy, as you do get to look at your opponents cards at any time, but this is vastly outweighed by the fun of the tense moment where everyone finds out whether a guess was right or not. Highly recommended.