Roll for the Galaxy

A probabalistic worker placement game? And it's based on Race for the Galaxy? This game is a dream come true.

In each turn of Roll for the Galaxy, you place your citizens to gain different benefits, like settling planets, building developments, or shipping goods. But each of your citizens is represented by a die! And you roll it every turn to determine what your citizenry feels like doing today! Sometimes, all they want to do is Explore.

So how is the head of a galactic empire supposed to handle these free-thinkers? Invest in citizens with jobs. A red, or military die, has more faces featuring Settle and Develop, while a blue, novelty die has more faces showing Produce and Shipping.

Roll for the Galaxy is an addictive game that is not to be missed. Play is fairly simultaneous, so adding players won't slow the game down too much. With probability tossed in, this is an amazing game to make yourself a stronger analytic thinker as well! This is easily one of my favorite games!