Zombie Dice

Zombie Dice is one of many dice games by Steve Jackson Games with a common ancestor: Farkle. Players take on the roll of zombies, choosing three humans at random from the dice cup. Zombies love brains, dislike explosions, and are all right about chasing their humans for a little while longer. The dice in the cup come in three different colors, representing their danger level to the zombie. Reds have more explosions, while greens basically have brains spilling out of their heads.

Once a player rolls three dice, they count up their brains, blasts, and footsteps. Brains are victory points, but three blasts will immediately end the turn. If a player doesn't have three blasts, they can pick up any footsteps that may still be showing, refill their hand to three dice, and continue to roll. Players may stop rolling at any time and score as many brains as they have before passing on the dice. But the first player to thirteen brains wins, so why not keep rolling?

Zombie Dice is a great game that I like to take with me when I'm waiting in line. Simple, portable, and a press-your-luck mechanic that is terribly addicting. It's a fantastic game!