The Grizzled

The Grizzled is a card based cooperative game where players take on the role of soldiers during the Great War. Soldiers need to complete missions as a team, but these missions are dire, leading to a bevy of injuries both physical and mental. Injured soldiers are limited in how they can help the team, so it may be best for them to retreat. However, by pushing their luck, it's possible to attain victory.

The Grizzled is a great game to study risk and rewards. It's a remarkably difficult game for such a small box, and games don't drag on for long. Once a mission is clearly failed, it may be better for all players to retreat and regroup for a new mission. But if you run through the entire challenge deck, the team loses the game.

This game treats war in a cartoony way, so the theme may not be everyone. But The Grizzled is a great little game that provides tough, meaningful choices in a clean and simple way.

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