Mystic Vale

One of the most talked about games at GenCon 2016, Mystic Vale is the first ever "card-crafting game." Each of your cards is a piece of transparent plastic, and only one-third is covered with art and game rules. As you purchase cards, you can sleeve these together to cover more and more of the card. In future turns, these crafted cards are even more powerful with a single play.

Mystic Vale also has an incredible push-your-luck mechanic. Every turn, you can draw as many cards as you want to. But once you turn over a third card with a Spoil emblem, you immediately lose your turn, gaining an extra energy reserve as a small benefit for your failure.

I've never played anything quite like Mystic Vale. It's a game that clearly has some new and exciting themes, and I think they would be best served by many, many trial runs to master the strategies. With one expansion out and more on the way, this is a game to watch!