Sushi Go

Sushi Go is a great drafting game that plays up to eight players. From a starting hand of cards, each player draws one card to keep and passes the rest of the cards to their left. Each player reveals their chosen card, and then chooses another. As play continues, players are trying to create sets of tempura cards, put wasabi on their nigiri, and try to gain as many maki rolls as possible. Each card is worth a number of victory points, and the player with the most wins the game.

The fun of Sushi Go comes in its simplicity and its public reveal. When players show which cards they've chosen, other players immediately want to stop them from completing their sets. Is it worth it to hate draft and keep a card you don't want, just to make your opponent suffer? Plus, once players see a successful strategy, they hurry to recreate it next turn, leaving new strategies and options on the table.

Sushi Go is a light game that is tons of fun and provides plenty of strategy. Once you've mastered the normal set, you can also pick up Sushi Go Party for additional cards and options!