Author: Richard

The Academy of Adventures Summer Camp is Now Open!

Welcome to another year of the Academy of Adventures! We’re back with new adventures for another incredible summer! The Academy of Adventures is a five-day online summer camp for kids ages 11 to 15 to learn how to play one of the world’s greatest roleplaying games! By backing this Kickstarter, you reserve one space at… Read more »

The Academy of Adventures Kickstarter is Live!

The Academy of Adventures is a five-day online summer camp for kids ages 11 to 15 to learn how to play one of the world’s greatest roleplaying games! Live right now on Kickstarter, registration reserves one space at an online table of five young heroes as they learn the basics of roleplaying from longtime teacher, game designer, camp counselor… Read more »

Learn to Play the Fantasy AGE RPG!

I’m a huge fan of the Fantasy AGE RPG by Green Ronin, and I’ve decided to just teach everyone how to play. Especially since the game is currently FREE at their online store! We’ll run through Character Creation, the basic mechanics, and the amazing Stunt system! Join me on Twitch!

Empyrean Investigations Pre-Orders are Live!

If you missed the recent Kickstarter for my book of detective adventures in D&D, you can now grab your own copy on Gumroad! This pre-order will probably only be open for a few weeks, so that I can get these ordered and out to backers on time in April. We’re moving into the playtest phase… Read more »

Get Ready for Game School!

Happy Tuesday, friends! I wanted to let you all know about my new Sunday show on Twitch, Game School! Every week, I’ll be bringing a new game to class to teach you how to play and how to win. We’ll dive deep into the strategy and tactics behind every game as we learn to be better game… Read more »

Dwellings of Eldervale and the Perfect Mix

It isn’t much of a secret that I like epic games. I want a majestic experience that I can dig into on a game night, spending a few hours planning out vast strategies and fretting about each move from my canny opponents. I want to claw my way to victory and never quite know where I… Read more »

Letting the App Drive

Anyone who knows me must be aware of my love of role-playing games. Besides writing my own D&D content on the Dungeon Masters’ Guild, I’ve also been telling my own stories in campaigns for decades. Getting a group of people in a room to collaboratively build a tale of heroics and derring-do? It’s an incredible… Read more »