Battlestar Galactica

I don't know how to describe Battlestar Galactica in an easier way than the box lid: A Game of Politics, Betrayal, and Survival. Battlestar Galactica is all about the long, difficult quest through space to find home. The fleet has constant problems, and players are cast in the roles of the major characters who can help solve them. Meanwhile, the Cylons are always there in the background, following the Fleet and trying their best to destroy the Galactica.

Players can take on the role of the President and the Admiral, each with special actions they can take to defend the Fleet. And of course, some of the players are actually Cylons, who can only win when the humans are killed. With unknown loyalties and the constant possibility of betrayal, players have to be as careful as they can with their resources as they make their way across the galaxy.

Battlestar Galactica plays best with lots of people and lots of time, though it can get faster the more often you play. It's a fantastic game that gets even better with the Exodus Expansion, which adds new options for those dastardly Cylons.